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Wireless Health Tech in Demand: CEA


— Consumers are interested in communicating
with their doctors via wireless devices, according
to a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association
(CEA), released at the CEA Industry Forum, here.

The study, “The New Role of Technology in Consumer
Health and Wellness,” examines consumer perceptions
and attitudes in using technology products to maintain
their health and wellness.

According to the study, 36 percent of consumers
said they would be interested in sending health data to
their doctor via a wireless device, 33 percent are interested
in managing their health records online, and 32
percent would be willing to consult with their doctor via
online video.

“New technologies change the way we communicate
with our doctors, and consumers are seeking
mobile apps that cut down on the need for appointments,
reduce costs and increase efficiency,” said
Ben Arnold, senior research analyst at CEA. “Doctors
play a major role in educating consumers about
technology, as more than half of consumers said they
consult their healthcare provider for information on
health technology devices.

Among specific devices, consumers indicated the
highest interest in body weight scales (44 percent), vital
sign meters and gauges (40 percent), and devices that
record progress through a fitness plan (37 percent).

Among those who have downloaded mobile health
and fitness applications, the most popular choices are
nutrition trackers (51 percent), fitness apps that measure
workout regimens (36 percent), and customized
music apps for exercise (32 percent).

The popularity of health and fitness technology is also
reflected in the 2012 International CES Digital Health
and Fitness TechZone, which CEA said will feature innovative
new technology products and services that address
this burgeoning marketplace.