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Wireless Door Lock – Kwikset Kevo

The smart home is getting smarter, and it’s only getting easier to use. Kwikset, makers of the Kevo Bluetooth deadbolt, lets consumers use their smartphones as electronic keys — without even needing to remove them from their pockets.

To use, all one needs to do is download an app to a Bluetooth 4.0-compatible smartphone and then touch the door lock. The mobile device doesn’t need to be removed from a pocket or purse, according to the company, because its patent- pending intelligent positioning technology detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home before granting access. A visual indicator will spin when the lock is being activated or deactivated.

The mobile app is used for initial setup, locking and unlocking, and sending, disabling and deleting e-keys. Consumers can also view their history of lock activity and set up other configurable features and options of the smart lock from the app. Those who want additional security peace of mind can set a password in order to access the app.

Users will receive the system’s default notifications when e-keys are sent and received, and they can set up push notifications through the app to be notified when the door is locked or unlocked by selected e-key holders. Custom notifications can also be set, as can custom permissions for using the e-keys. For example, Admin e-keys can purchase, send, disable and delete e-keys, while Anytime e-key holders can only lock or unlock.

Consumers who don’t have a compatible smartphone can use the supplied fob that comes with the Kevo. This is said to provide the same touch-to-open convenience as an authorized smartphone. Additional fobs can be purchased.

According to Kwikset, the Kevo will operate for up to a year on four AA batteries. It can be installed as a standard deadbolt with a single Philips head screwdriver.

Suggested retail for the Kevo is $219. It comes with two e-keys that can be reassigned as Scheduled or Anytime e-keys, as well as free, unlimited Guest e-keys. Additional Anytime or Scheduled e-keys can be purchased via the app for $1.99.