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Wireless Audio Comes To In-Wall Speakers

Atlanta – Soundcast Systems will break into the
multi-room-audio market with a basic retrofit system that distributes music
wirelessly to in-wall speakers.

The company’s existing products stream
iPod- and PC-stored music wirelessly to home audio systems and to other audio

“This is a very
basic distributed audio system that provides music to various rooms, providing
an opportunity for the installation community to go after retro work without
having to tear up walls and floors,” said Soundcast president Malcolm Hallombe.

The ZoneCast system is a multi-source,
multi-zone distributed audio system whose in-wall speakers are equipped with a
50-watt amplifier and RF receiver. The active speakers connect to AC power, and
each speaker connects via CAT-5 to an in-wall keypad in the same room or to a
stand-alone IR receiver. Each keypad controls volume, source selection and power
on/off but not source functions. The keypads also feature an IR receiver for
use with an included handheld IR remote. The keypad mounts in a single-gang
low-voltage mounting bracket and fits standard Decora plates.

The system will stream three sources
simultaneously if each source is connected to its own Soundcast transmitter. Up
to four speaker pairs at a time can play simultaneously.

ZoneCast, expected to ship early in the
first quarter, is targeted to hit a retail price point of $799 to $999 per
zone, excluding installation and transmitter. Installation time is estimated at
less than an hour for each speaker pair and keypad, Hallombe said.

The system will be available through the
Digital Delivery Group’s (DDG) nationwide network of stocking representatives
and through distributor Capitol Sales.