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Wilson Cell Booster Amplifies 2G, 3G, 4G

LAS VEGAS — Wilson Electronics unveiled what it said is the world’s first in-door consumer-targeted cellular- signal booster to amplify 2G, 3G and 4G signals, including 4G LTE, from any carrier.

The $399-suggested DT4G is also said to be the first consumer cellphone booster certified to meet the FCC’s new performance specifications, which become mandatory in March.

It’s available nationally for sale by retailers.

The DT4G is also the company’s “most affordable and easiest to install of our in-building 4G boosters,” said sales and marketing VP Chris Rutherford.

The system improves multi-room signal coverage in apartments, homes and offices to reduce the number of dropped calls, reduce the number of dead zones, and accelerate data rates. It also improves cellphone battery life because stronger signal strength consumes less battery power.

The DT4G features two antennas, one to communicates with the cell tower and the other to communicate with the cellphone. Its LED lights and control buttons let users optimize the gain on each frequency band for the booster’s location. The package also comes with two lengths of low-loss coaxial cable to connect the components and any necessary accessories.

Free tech support is available online and by phone from the company’s Utah headquarters.

Like all of Wilson’s other signal boosters, the new model features cell-site protection techniques to prevent any possibility of interference with the cellular network, the company said. The company also offers a commercial booster with the same capabilities.