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WildCharge Skins Enable Wireless Charging Of iPod, iPhone

Boulder, Colo. — Wireless power technology supplier WildCharge announced today the availability of WildCharge skins for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, which enable the popular Apple devices to be charged

once placed on a WildCharger pad or on other surfaces that are embedded with the technology.

The skins are protective, form-fitting cases that transfer wire-free power from the Pad to the device inside the skin as soon as it is placed on the pad. The pad and skins deliver full power to multiple devices, allowing them to simultaneously charge together.

“The market is demanding a move towards wire-free charging, and WildCharge is thrilled to answer that call in adding Apple devices to our lineup of commercially available products,” said WildCharge chairman and CEO Dennis Grant. “With the addition of these two designs to our reference design library, both of which are Apple Made for iPod and Works with iPhone approved, WildCharge is solidifying our position as the leading, wire-free charging developer in the industry.”

The Touch skin is available today and the iPhone skin will be available in early July. Wildcharge skins are also available for the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve, and all are sold for $34.99 at

In addition to the skins, WildCharge recently announced a universal adapter for mobile devices that works with the WildCharger pad. The adapter can charge more than 150 cellphone models from major brands, such as Motorola, RIM and Nokia, through the use of interchangeable tips, the company said.