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Wi-Ex Launches Pair Of Cellular Signal Boosters

New York –


, the maker of cellular signal boosters
for in-home and car use, has unveiled a pair of new zBoost-brand signal

The z-Force YX240 is the company’s first
in-car booster with universal hands-free cradle. The other product is the zBoost
Metro YX540iP, which is designed for use in
single-floor dwellings such as apartments in urban areas. The YX540iP works
with any 800/1900MHz cellphone but is
targeted to iPhone users because it has been software tweaked to perform
best at frequencies used by the iPhone.

The YX54oiP is also bundled with a
$15 gift card for iPhone/iPad apps and with an application
that  highlights iPhone
and iPad
apps for business users and on-the-go teleworkers.

Both new models are dual-band
800/1900MHz boosters that boost the reception and transmission of cellular phone
calls and data sessions over all U.S. networks except the Nextel/iDEN network, 1.7/2.1GHz
voice and data networks, and 700MHz data networks.

 Both were introduced here at the Consumer
Electronics Association (CEA) Line Show.

The z-Force
car solution, shipping in October at a suggested $129, incorporates a flexible
cradle to accommodate any phone. The cradle contains an embedded bi-directional
cellular amplifier that wirelessly amplifies the phone’s signal while the phone
is in the cradle, making a wired connection unnecessary between the phone and
cradle. The amplifier also helps to extend cellphone battery life because a
stronger signal is easier on the battery, the company said.

The cradle
connects to a magnet-mount antenna on the vehicle’s roof and gets power from
the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. For the phone’s signal to be amplified, the
phone must remain in the cradle, but drivers can use the phone’s speakerphone
capability or Bluetooth to send and receive calls.

An optional
gooseneck cigarette-lighter adapter is also available.

Wi-Ex’s existing
in-car solution is a $179-suggested hide-away booster that wirelessly boosts
the signals of multiple cellphone users in a vehicle at once.

For use at home, the company
launched the xBoost
Metro YX540iP iPhone Signal Booster,
availably initially as an Amazon exclusive. The $299 device is designed for single-story applications, such
as apartments in urban areas, because it does not require vertical separation
of 8 to 15 feet between the antenna and the base unit. The Metro
YX540iP boosts
signals up to 1500 square feet and includes base unit with base antenna,
low-loss cable, window-mount signal antenna and power supply. It supports multiple
cellphones simultaneously.

 The Metro YX540iP is priced the same as a similarly
configured zBoost Metro, which isn’t packaged with the gift card or application