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Whistler Enters Radio Scanners

Bentonville, Ark. — Radar-detector maker Whistler Group announced it is entering the radio scanner market.

The company has purchased the intellectual property of GRE America, and said it plans to launch a line of scanners under the Whistler brand in the first quarter.

The Whistler line will include handheld and desktop/mobile digital scanners with a full keyboard, a handheld scanner with a built-in U.S. and Canada database, and two VHF/UHF non-trunking scanners. 

Whistler also said it will launch the industry’s first scanner that works on newer modulation protocols including P25-Phase II. 

Jesse Hopkins, Whistler president/CEO, said: “This is a exciting opportunity to produce quality product that keeps up with changing industry technology. We look forward to making positive contributions to this industry.”