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What is your most memorable industry moment during the past 20 years?

Gary Shapiro, president/CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

“I was thrilled to be at the White House when President Bush signed the law making Feb. 17, 2009, the final day for analog broadcasting in the U.S. We worked hard for this.”

Sidney Harman, executive chairman, Harman International

“Wynton Marsalis surprised me at the 2002 Electronic Industries Alliance awards dinner for me. He heaped bountiful praise, spoke of our friendship — and decorated it all with some beautiful horn playing.”

Dave Workman, executive director, Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group)

“Working with Panasonic to coordinate the sale and delivery of the first consumer HDTV set in 1998 [at Ultimate Electronics]. ”

Bob Lawrence, executive director, Brand Source

“Some of the mergers/acquisitions and partnerships that have been developed. Kmart’s purchase of Sears, the Whirlpool/Maytag merger and the AVB/MARTA partnership.”

Peter Weedfald, senior VP/GMM entertainment/content, Circuit City

“The birth of the Internet, which allows global Web citizens hyper access, united push and pull distribution and the personal power to enjoy content everywhere.”

Jim Barry, media spokesman, CEA

“Of course there are many but one stands out: the October 2004 reception prior to the annual ‘CE Hall of Fame’ dinner in San Francisco. In a casual setting in a small room, genius gathered over drinks — [Bernie] Appel, [Jerry] Kalov, [Norio] Ohga, [Andre] Blay, [Steve] Wozniak, [Ken] Kai, [Jack] Wayman, [Bob] Gerson and others — the men who helped build the industry. It was a remarkable evening.”

Tom Campbell, corporate director, CompUSA

“It would have to be the anticipation Mike Romagnolo and I felt as we waited for the doors to open at DOW Stereo/Video in San Diego to introduce and sell the world’s first digital HDTV.”

Brad Anderson, vice-chairman/CEO, Best Buy

“When Dick Schulze told me at a luncheon appointment in the fall of 1988 that he thought it was time to open some stores with non-commissioned sales people and with a grab-and-go architecture. We knew at that time this type of decision was a risk as we did not know what reaction to anticipate from the industry. However, this decision turned into Concept 2, which was the foundation of our company’s growth and a turnaround in the industry.”

Scott Ramirez, television marketing VP, Toshiba America Consumer Products

“It was about 20 years ago that I attended my first CES. It was an amazing experience for me then, and I think it continues to be the world’s most exciting trade show.”

Jack Luskin, legendary Baltimore-based retailer; CE Hall Of Fame member

“I’m reminded of a story about one of our most famous and endearing residents, Rosa Ponselle, the great opera singer who lived in Maryland. When she would shop for a TV she would negotiate for the best possible price. After that she’d contact our sales manager, Jules Galinn, for an additional discount. Finally, she would call me and suggest that due to our personal relationship and her celebrity she should be entitled to an additional discount. Being the agreeable type guy that I am I said, ‘Okay Rosa, I’ll give you another $5 off if you give me a Rosa Ponselle high C.’ She gave me one on the phone and almost blew my eardrum off.”

Saul Gold, former executive director, NATM Buying Group; CE Hall of Fame member

“1986 when four retailers left NATM to form their own group. It forced the remaining members to band together, refocus the group and emerge stronger than before.”

Harry Elias, U.S. chairman, Akai Products Holdings; CE Hall of Fame member

“My induction into the CE Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in October 2005.”

Con Maloney, CEO, Cowboy Maloney’s Electric City

“Our chain introducing Direct Satellite Service television to the world [in 1993]. It was pretty special for a smaller company to do so.”

Bill Trawick, president/exec. director, NATM Buying Corp.

“The fact that I have been employed in this great industry for over 35 years.”

Loyd Ivey, founder/CEO, Mitek; chairman, CEA

“Spanning 30 years, watching [CEA] turn from a TV manufacturing organization into a vibrant organization that went from 250 members to a global organization of 2,500 members.”

Richard Glikes, executive director, Home Theater Specialists of America

“When I left Tops Appliance City to become executive director of the HTSA 10 years ago.”

Bjorn Dybdahl, president, Bjorn’s Audio Video

“Demonstrating HDTV in 1989 or 1990 for the first time to our customers during a two-day event at a local hotel. We used a large projection system, 11-foot screen and a special Japanese-sourced laser disc played on a Sony HD player.”

Sandy Bloomberg, founder/chairman, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group

“The most memorable industry moment for me was four years ago at the surprise CES party honoring Tweeter’s 30th anniversary. It was a blast! It was great to have so many hi-fi ‘lifers’ all in one place.”

Phil Schoonover, chairman, president/CEO, Circuit City

“Les Turchin, founder, chairman and CEO of Tops Appliance City, passed away this year. He was a dear friend of mine, and I want to take this opportunity to recognize his leadership and contributions to our industry.”

Don Patrican, executive VP, Maxell

“Every CES I feel the same way, pumped up with enthusiasm and mesmerized by the excitement it brings. It is the Super Bowl of our industry, but unlike the NFL players, we get to go every year.”

Steve Caldero, senior VP/COO, Ken Crane’s

“In March 1997, Yamaha introduced the first A/V Component, the DSP-A1, to incorporate DTS decoding. At the North America introduction, which was held at Dow in San Diego, we had representatives from Yamaha and DTS and special guest Alan Parsons. Alan had worked with The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the group Yes among many others during his long music career. It was also at this event that I met for the first time the woman who would eventually become my wife, Sabrina Heraux. We were industry friends for many years before we ever went on a ‘date,’ and as a fitting touch, we were married at the CEA Board Retreat in October 2001.”

Jack Wayman, founder, International CES; CE Hall of Fame member

“The opening of the CES on June 28, 1967, and the next would be the landmark 5-to-4 decision at the United States Supreme Court in the Sony Betamax case.”

Joe Clayton, chairman, Sirius Satellite Radio

“Launching satellite TV and then satellite radio, both from Jackson, Miss. Satellite TV changed home viewing forever, and satellite radio has changed the in-vehicle and mobile environment forever.”

Noel Lee, CEO, Monster Cable

“My most memorable moment would have to be winning the Patricia Rienzi Legacy award from the Anti-Defamation League in 2005.”

John Shalam, chairman/founder, Audiovox

“The very first CEA Summit meeting that was held in Bermuda in May 1997. This was my introduction to CEA, and I was most impressed with the caliber of the industry executives that were present at that time.”

Ed Kelly, president, Nationwide Marketing Group

“The introduction of the VCR and DVD.”

Ed Stravitz, CEO, Bell’O

“Serving as co-chairman of the UJA Federation Campaign for many years and also at ADL as a co-chairman for many years when it was started by David Feir in the late ’80s or early ’90s, if my memory serves me well. I also had the privilege of going to Israel as an invited guest of the Israeli government as a representative of the Consumer Electronics and Appliance Industry in 1985.”

Jim Minarik, president/CEO Directed Electronics

“The introduction of HDTV, meeting Bill Gates and President Bush, and making a number of ‘industry friends’ over the years who remain among my most meaningful personal and business relationships.”

Bernie Appel, president, Appel Associates; former president, RadioShack; CE Hall of Fame member

“Recognition by my industry peers by being inducted in the 2003 Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.”

Stephen Witt, marketing VP, Alpine

“The day I met Loyd Ivey. It changed my perspective. Back in 1996, I had just returned to the U.S. market after working 14 years in Canada. One of my first assignments was to attend a CEA mobile division meeting on video displays in vehicles. At that meeting, Loyd stated that the mobile electronics industry would never be the same once video screens are allowed to go into cars and that he didn’t expect to see at least half of the attendees in the room within five years. No one knew quite how to take that statement. Every time we industry leaders discuss the sweeping changes in the car electronics business and the winners and losers today, I remember Loyd’s words.”

Tony Mirabelli, marketing and sales senior VP, Cobra Electronics

“Making my first presentation to 450 people in Cleveland. I was making a sales presentation for the industry’s first VCR. The experience was like riding a rocket.”

Bob Perry, consumer electronics division sales and channel marketing VP, LG Electronics USA

“The FCC adoption of the digital television standard and transition plan. This has been the catalyst for a massive industry transformation.”

Steve Trice, president/CEO, Jasco Products

“Attending an EIA Spring Conference Dinner and listening to Ronald Reagan communicate so effectively his thoughts on the value of the electronics industry to the defensive and economic health of the nation.”

Gary Richard, CEO, P.C. Richard & Son

“Having a passion and enjoying the excitement of the CE business each and every day and having the opportunity to meet, be with and spend quality time with our great suppliers.”

Hugh Panero, president/CEO, XM Satellite Radio

“November 12, 2001, the day the satellite radio industry was born. XM started broadcasting live and nationwide that day.”

Max Wasinger, senior VP, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

“I’d have to say the introduction of HDTV in 1998, and in particular watching the launch of the space shuttle on a ‘big-screen’ HDTV. It was like watching the future unfold before our eyes.”