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What Women Really Want (For Christmas)

Market research firm Field Agent has cracked the code to discover what it is that women want most — at least for the holidays.

While clothing, shoes and vacations led ladies’ top-10 Christmas wish lists, tech was the most predominant category, with laptops, smartphones, smart watches and cameras also vying for a place under the tree.

And, when asked to name a specific gift item, four of the top five were gadgets, mostly from Apple, including a MacBook Pro laptop, an Apple Watch, a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and an iPad.

The insights come courtesy of Field Agent’s comprehensive “2017 Holiday Shopping” report, based on a nationwide, seven-survey poll of 14,160 adult shoppers, including men.

Tech weighed in even heavier for the latter, with smartphones coming in as the No. 1 most wished for product category, and laptops, gaming consoles TVs, speakers and smart watches competing with money, vehicles, firearms and sports tickets for Santa’s attention.

Given men’s and women’s CE predilections, it should come as no surprise that shoppers plan to spend 50 percent more on tech products this holiday season compared with last year, with only 19 percent spending less, the surveys showed.