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“Steve tells a great story and that’s part of his charm, but what really sets Steve apart is the way he treats people. I’ve never had a more respectful, kind and honest boss than him. Over the years there was never any B.S. with Steve. He told you what he thought, and why he thought it, and worked to make everyone around him understand the significance of what he we observing. That kind of frankness and transparency from a supervisor is rare, not to mention welcome.”
— John Laposky, editor in chief, TWICE

“Steve led by example, demonstrating an honorable amount of respect (and an enviable amount of patience) for those who worked for him, for the people we covered, and, always, for the reader. It was the TWICE reader Steve held in the highest regard, and it was whom he considered with each story we published.”
— Lisa Johnston, digital editor, TWICE

“I owe Steve my career. He hired me twice (TWICE!) for two different magazines, and taught me discipline, doggedness and journalistic ethics — which still remain the bedrock of the profession.”
— Alan Wolf, senior editor, TWICE

“The one thing I can say about Steve is that he is the ultimate professional. He reports what he sees. He has been very supportive of the independent dealers whether big or small. He has even come to Mississippi many times, which some of our vendors can’t say.”
— Eddie Maloney, president, Cowboy Maloney’s Electric City

“Congratulations to the professor of the industry. Steve is very deserving of the Hall of Fame honor for his objective and high-integrity reporting. The news and information he provided helped many business people assess the CE landscape, and his articles, panels, blogs and editorials helped me personally shape many business decisions. Thank you Steve for all you have done for the industry and AVB/BrandSource.”
— Jim Ristow, CEO, AVB/BrandSource “

‘You don’t have to have all the answers; you just have to be willing to share what you know.’ I cannot think of a truer statement that embodies Steve Smith’s character. When I first joined TWICE there was no question I posed to Steve that he either did not know the answer and readily shared his knowledge, or confidently pointed me in the right direction. From the arcane working of extended-warranty services, to the symbiotic relationship between distributors and buying groups, to his ability to spot trends in consumer technology, Steve knew the answers and was a patient teacher. And that is how I will always view Steve: not just a top-notch editor and fair and balanced journalist, but as a gentle soul who cares about others and wants them to shine and succeed.”
— Ed Hecht, publisher, TWICE

Steve Smith is more than just a reporter or an editor. He has dedicated his life to supporting our industry. The guidance, and what he has done for our industry, is second to none, both in predicting the future and analyzing what he has reported on. He has gone beyond reporting and editing; he is a living legend and a tribute to our industry. What really makes me appreciate Steve is when we have talked about the future of retail, the future of manufacturing, the future of CE categories, he has been spot-on every single time. It’s obvious this is more than a job; it is his application, and he represents us very, very well. My hat is off to Steve.”
—Tom Campbell, director, Video And Audio Center, and CT Hall of Famer

“Steve has always been an iconic figure in the journalistic community for the CE industry. His passion for the business was clearly evident in his interviews and ultimately the news articles he touched.”
— Dave Workman, CEO/president, ProSource

 “Congratulations to you Steve on your well-deserved induction into the CTA Hall of Fame! I am certain that the thoughtful and engaging editorials that you have provided to us over the years were not only thoroughly enjoyable, but have truly influenced many CE business leaders and helped shape our industry. On a more personal level, as I look back on our long association, the things that come to mind are integrity, humility, fairness and a sense humor. All of this makes it no wonder why the CTA has chosen you this year. Congratulations again my friend!”
— Jerry Satoren, executive director, NATM Buying Corp.