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What CE product are you most eager to see invented in the future?

Gary Shapiro, president/CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

“A product which allows quicker travel. If the airline makers were as innovative as our industry, we would be traveling worldwide in a nanosecond — but it takes just as much time as it did 50 years ago!”

Max Wasinger, senior VP, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

“Mitsubishi is developing laser HDTV in 2007, so I’m eager to see that, of course. Also, a foldable, retractable large-screen HDTV, broadband-connected HDTV, and the seamless home network.”

Bob Scaglione, GM/senior VP, Sharp Electronics

“I am looking forward to the time when consumers can access all the digital content they have in their home on any display, via either [Power Line Communication] or a wireless network.”

Bob Perry, CE division sales and channel marketing VP, LG Electronics USA

“Televisions which access virtually any content from any source, with a simple intuitive user interface, giving consumers full control of their A/V entertainment.”

Dave Workman, executive director, Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group)

“Holographic 3-D television.”

Stan Glasgow, president/COO, Sony Electronics

“I would like to see voice activated car controls for all functions outside of driving.”

Jack Wayman, International CES founder, CE Hall of Fame member

“I would like to see a mainstream product, that is the cellphone, the camera, streaming video in full motion and the MP3 player and full computer, all in the palm of your hand and wireless and all under six ounces.”

Bob Lawrence, executive director, Brand Source

“I believe that true plug-and-play home integration would be a marvel. An easy simplistic approach to a consumer being able to connect everything in the home will change the world.”

Sidney Harman, executive chairman, Harman International

“The totally and easily managed video/audio server that travels seamlessly from the home, to the car, to the walk.”

Steve Wozniak, creator Apple I, II computers.

“Artificial intelligence to the level where a robot can make me a cup of coffee.”

S.W. Hong, senior VP strategic marketing for North American HQ, Samsung

“We would like a portable product that improves consumers’ work and personal lifestyle. It should feature an enormous amount of storage and seamless connectivity, to allow users to access their personal email, a library of music, video recordings, live broadcast content, and the ability to contact anyone in the world from the palm of their hands.”

Sandy Bloomberg, founder/chairman, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group

“I can’t wait for a simple voice-activated operating system. I look forward to the day when I don’t have to show my guests how to use my home entertainment system again. They can just do it — no questions asked.”

Bjorn Dybhal, president, Bjorn’s Audio Video

“I recently returned from Disney World and experienced 3D presentations that simply blew me away. I hope I’m still around to have the opportunity to bring that experience into my home.”

Saul Gold, former executive director, NATM Buying Group; CE Hall of Fame member

“Three-dimensional displays. With sound now at a high-water mark [HD-DVD and SACD finally surpassed vinyl] the next plateau beyond HD could be a third dimension.”

Harry Elias, U.S. chairman, Akai Products Holdings; former executive VP/COO, JVC; CE Hall of Fame member

“There seems to be no end to what our industry can develop, but whatever comes next it must be simple for consumers to use.”

Roger Dressler, technology strategy director, Dolby Labs

“The headset we saw in the movie ‘Brainstorm’ that had full 3D sound, vision, motion and no transducers anywhere — just an HDMI connection to the cerebral cortex.”

Phil Schoonover, president/CEO, Circuit City

“A platform that reinvents the PC business like high-definition and flat TV has done to create the biggest opportunity the industry has seen to date.”

Mike Townsend, VP field sales mobile business, Pioneer

“A product that will do almost everything a consumer might desire in the vehicle that would also be portable and have seamless integration with one’s home entertainment and computer system.”

Richard Glikes, executive director, HTSA

“Windows Media Center PC in high definition.”

Tony Mirabelli, marketing and sales senior VP, Cobra Electronics

“I can’t wait until teleporting! Getting to point A to point B faster than Captain Kirk.”

Ed Kelly, president, Nationwide Marketing Group

“I’m waiting for easier remotes and simpler products to manage GPS, computers and voice recognition.”

Bob Weissburg, sales and marketing president, D&M North America

“A machine that plays all optical formats. How you load it and how you access the information is secondary. It’s not about which format do I buy.”

Joe Clayton, chairman, Sirius Satellite Radio

“I’m waiting to be beamed aboard like Scotty, so I can see my kids and grandkids without getting on an airplane. By the way, I don’t have grandkids yet.”

John Shalam, chairman/founder, Audiovox

“I can’t wait for the invention of voice input and automatic translations into written communications.”

Steve Trice, president/CEO, Jasco Products

“The ultimate mobile multi-voice activated SmartCar GPS guidance system. Tell your car where you want it to go, lean back, sleep if you want to and it will take you to your destination quickly and safely.”

Craig Geiger, executive VP/COO, JVC

“A holographic home entertainment system in which the performers appear as three-dimensional characters right there in your living room, and you can walk around the scene for a full 360-degree view.”

Con Maloney, CEO, Cowboy Maloney’s Electric City

“A single, easy-to-use remote that would control everything in your home.”

Loyd Ivey, founder/CEO, Mitek; CEA chairman

“Consumers want plug-and-play. Manufacturers must work together to develop products that are totally connected. You flip the switch, and it works with all the other components.”

Ed Stravitz, CEO, Bell’O

“I guess the thing we’re all waiting for is convergence and true, total integration in the home of computers and electronics [combined with the] mobility of a truly integrated system encompassing them all.”

Brad Anderson, vice-chairman/CEO, Best Buy

“The networked home/car/workplace. It will make our lives easier and more productive and will allow for the creation of new communities of interest, which in turn will make our lives more interesting.”

Bob Abt, CEO, Abt Electronics

“A phone that does everything.”

Jim Minarik, president/CEO, Directed Electronics

“A truly effective and reasonably-priced video distribution system that will make sharing HD video throughout a home audio/video system as simple and cost effective as it is today to ‘share’ audio files.”

Don Patrican, executive VP, Maxell Corporation of America

“A fully functional voice activated computer along the lines of HAL, the computer depicted in 2001 A Space Odyssey — but more friendly and helpful. You would tell it what to do and it would do it”

Stephen Witt, marketing VP, Alpine

“The ‘Cognitive Loader.’ This technology will ‘know’ our mental state through A.I. sensors. It will allow controlled access to product functionality and features based on the person in a given environment.”

Bernie Appel, president Appel Associates; member of the CE Hall of Fame

“ My imagination is such that I will leave new product ideas to the bright inventors and creators of the future.”