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Westinghouse Supporting Gaming Exhibitions

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. — Westinghouse Digital Electronics will be featuring its 1080p LCD HDTVs and monitors at three major gaming exhibitions this summer.

Westinghouse HDTVs will be on display at Maximum PC and PC Gamer’s “Gaming University” at Comic-Con 2007 (July 26-29, San Diego) and its two Showdown LAN events (June 15-17, San Jose, Calif. and Sept. 14-16, Indianapolis). Attendees at each event will have a chance to win Westinghouse 1080p LCD TVs, the company said.

Sherry Chapman, marketing communications manager, Westinghouse Digital Electronics, said, “We are extremely excited to be teaming up with Maximum PC and PC Gamer, two books at the forefront of the gaming revolution.”

At Comic-Con two 37-inch Westinghouse HDTVs will be displayed at the Maximum PC booth and then given away during/after the event. At the Showdown LAN events, Westinghouse will showcase 24-, 37-, 42- and 47-inch 1080p displays and will give away three 37-inch displays after each event. In addition, Westinghouse Digital will have on display at the Showdown LAN events its new 24-inch LCD desktop computer monitor, the L2410NM.