Westinghouse Brings Value To 4K Ultra HD TVs

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LAS VEGAS – Westinghouse Digital is stepping up the 4K Ultra High Definition plate at International CES in big way by unveiling edge-lit LCD models in the 50-, 55- and 60-inch screen sizes. It’s also showcasing a 110-inch 4K behemoth.

Rey Roque, Westinghouse Digital’s marketing senior VP, said that just as the company brought high-resolution value to the first 1080p HD sets, it is now poised to bring value to Ultra HD.

Unlike the currently available $20,000-plus 84-inch Ultra HD sets from LG and Sony, Westinghouse is going to offer its sets starting in the first quarter at the bargain suggested retail prices of $2,499 for the 50-inch set, $3,000 for the 55-inch set and $3,995 for the 65-inch set.

The 110-inch model will be available only by custom order.

But unlike Sony and LG, Westinghouse’s models will be barebones displays with no on-board Smart TV features and no elaborate 4K up-conversion video processing technology.

Instead, Roque said, Westinghouse expects viewers to use the 4K video processing converters that come built into select Blu-ray Disc players, A/V receivers and other devices to handle that load. To present pictures from regular sources, the sets will have only simple 4K up-scaling circuitry and 120Hz refresh rates.

Ultra High-Definition TVs offer up to four times the resolution (3,840-by-2,160 pixels) of today’s 1080p sets, when viewing currently scarce native 4K UHD produced content.

In other news Westinghouse Digital is introducing its next generation of Roku Ready LED TVs. Select 1080p LED models will include the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) technology in on HDMI port to allow users to plug in a Roku Streaming Stick. That is a flash-drive-sized device that carries software for the Roku interface platform as well as WiFi reception. Viewers plug the StreamingStick into one of the MHL-compatible TVs to connect to Roku content over an available WiFi network.

In addition to the 60-inch IPTVs, Westinghouse Digital is also showing at its suite in the LVH here, a full line of edge-lit LED TVs for 2013. The new models range from 28 to 60 inches.


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