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Western Digital Ships World Edition NAS

Western Digital last week released its latest network-attached storage (NAS) device, the MyBook World Edition.

The two-unit line consists of 1TB and 2TB versions. The 1TB, shipping today, carries a $229 suggested retail, while the latter model will ship in early March with a $449 price tag.

Each allows the consumer to attach up to five computers to the drive.

Dale Pistilli, Western Digital’s marketing VP for branded products, said the market for NAS products has barely been touched, primarily because consumers still don’t understand the concept. The market size is roughly the 36 million U.S. households that have home networks.

The company hopes its point-of-sale materials will educate these people.

“Only 10 percent back up automatically,” Pistilli said, with the majority either doing nothing or burning their data manually onto DVDs.

The World Edition is Windows and Mac compatible. It features continual backup for all computers on the network and allows users to access their data from outside the network.