Web-Based Management Software Debuts


Ventura, Calif. - Cebiz, a marketing development and consulting company, has developed a web-based project-management application for suppliers, retailers, custom installers, and builders.

The application, called TeamSync Pro, is less expensive than project-management software such as Microsoft Project and Lotus Notes but offers additional functionality, the company said. Project participants, for example, can access project updates in real time from the Web browser of any remote PC. Other project-management applications require installed client software, said to be more cumbersome to use from a remote site because data must be downloaded, revised, and then uploaded.

TeamSync functions include budgeting, asset management, scheduling project tasks and events, to-do list management, Gantt charts (a visual chart of project milestones achieved), access to an on-line storehouse of collateral, file sharing, and generation of reports such as budget versus cost.

An auto-alert e-mail function automatically notifies team members of additions or changes to project information.

Unlike other applications, TeamSync is available in a hosted version, making it unnecessary for an enterprise to use its own network server. The hosted version costs $12,500 for a one-time setup fee and a minimum $250/month for bandwidth.

The installed version costs $30,000 with a minimum $500/month maintenance contract, which includes tech support for up to two system administrators.

The company specializes in consumer electronics advertising, public relations, collateral, sales and marketing, training, and brand building. It can be reached at (805) 647-3779, or www.cebiz.net.

Principals include industry veterans John Caldwell and Kevin St.John Leja.


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