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WD Starts ‘Back It Up’ Campaign

New York — Western Digital (WD) is trying to raise consumer awareness of the need to backup digital content with its new “Back It Up” campaign.

Jennifer Serfas, senior product manager for WD’s branded products group, told TWICE that the effort was inspired by a recent company survey that found only a small fraction of consumers are using the backup software included with their external storage devices; instead, it found most consumers use the products only to expand their storage capacity.

Serfas said the new campaign, which features retail demonstrations and giveaways as well as email blasts to former WD customers and a dedicated microsite, represents the manufacturer’s effort to communicate a message to consumers that emphasizes the need to back up content with multiple copies rather than just using additional storage devices as a way to expand capacity.

“We don’t want people to realize they need backup after the fact,” she said.

According to Serfas, WD is in New York this week trying to communicate the message of the campaign through demonstrations and giveaways at select retailers. She said the company has plans to host similar events through retailers in other cities as well.

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