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Waves Demonstrating MaxxBeam Technology

– Waves Audio is demonstrating its MaxxBeam solution for delivering
crystal-clear, intelligible voice signals at the Las Vegas Hilton, suite 1430.

Based on microphone-array technology, also known as “beamforming,”
MaxxBeam differentiates between the signals inside the beam and those outside
of it. This allows MaxxBeam to suppress stationary and non-stationary noise
from outside the beam, while providing optimal sound quality and clarity.

MaxxBeam features real-time support for different beam
configurations, ranging from narrow, highly directional beams that isolate a
single user’s voice from its surroundings, to wider beams that can accommodate
multiple simultaneous users. MaxxBeam can also rotate beam direction in real
time, allowing users to be positioned at any angle relative to the device.

Additional benefits of MaxxBeam include simplified hardware
design, allowing flexible microphone placement and a variety of microphone
types; improved intelligibility; and automatic microphone calibration function.
Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.