Warpia Introduces Wireless Connector

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Warpia, a supplier of wireless USB solutions has begun shipping a retooled version of it Easy Dock Pro, a wireless laptop connecting device.

Besides allowing wireless connections to peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse and printer, the Easy Dock Pro also displays PC content in 1,920 by 1,080 high-definition resolution to a monitor or TV up to 25 inches with a DVI or VGA connection.

In “extend mode” the dock allows a user to operate two displays simultaneously, as if the TV were connected to the laptop.

“The Easy Dock Pro creates a synergy between laptop work and play,” said Marc Levaggi, Warpia’s marketing VP. “You can simultaneously work on an Excel spreadsheet while streaming Netflix on a larger TV or monitor. It also gives you the freedom to walk away with your laptop, and then reconnect to your desktop environment or TV by simply walking back into the room.”

The Warpia Easy Dock Pro is available now on


for a $149 retail, which includes a one-year warranty.


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