Walmart Exec Foresees Smaller CE Departments

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Atlanta - Walmart will reduce the size of its CE departments, even as it expands their assortments.

According to Roz Brewer, president of the 1,600-store Walmart East division, the retailer is "readjusting" the departments to reflect the smaller space requirements of popular CE devices like Apple's iPad and iPhone.

Her comments, made here Tuesday at a retail conference held by ISI Group, a research and investment firm, follow Walmart's previously announced plans to

expand its assortment

of CE and other categories later this year.

Brewer said the CE department resets would be part of the retailer's ongoing store remodeling program.

"We had expanded electronics to accommodate that category and we are readjusting that now," she told attendees. "It's still a very vibrant category, but they're smaller unit items being sold [and] we're much more aligned with Apple right now. We are offering the iPad and the iPhone and those kinds of items, and it really does not require as much space as we had projected in the year past ... So we are actually going to reduce that pad size so that we can accommodate the other areas that we want to expand in the store."

Brewer added that the TV wall is also being modified to reflect "where the technology is going."

The CE departments could be trimmed by about 2,000 square feet per store according to an estimate by Janney Capital Markets analyst David Strasser that was reported by Reuters.


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