Wal-Mart Selling Verizon DSL


Bentonville, Ark. – Wal-Mart will begin selling Verizon DSL service at 539 additional stores in 24 states by month’s end. It currently carries the subscriptions in 10 locations.

The service will be sold at Wal-Mart’s wireless and ISP connection center departments, where specially trained sales staffers will help shoppers use an automated ordering system that checks eligibility and places the orders. A three-step installation kit will be shipped directly to customers once the orders are completed. Nearly 50 of the Wal-Mart stores will have Spanish-language sales materials to assist Spanish-speaking customers.

“Wal-Mart is the perfect place for us to both educate consumers about the benefits of our DSL service and to sign up customers who are ready to buy,” said Mary Yarbrough, Verizon’s VP/channel development, citing the 138 million value-conscious customers who visit the chain weekly.

Prices for Wal-Mart’s Verizon Online offering begin at a $17.99 per month tier that provides a top connection speed of 768 Kbps.


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