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Wal-Mart Rolls Out Annual CE Dept. Changes

Wal-Mart said it is currently completing the annual reset of its electronics departments, which will include expanded TV, portable, Blu-ray and social-gaming departments.

A spokeswoman said the reset should be complete in the next couple of weeks.

Wal-Mart is adding 60 percent more 1080p TV SKUs and has picked up the Sharp brand. It will offer for the first time a separate Blu-ray department and has added three brands of Blu-ray players —Magnavox, Samsung and Panasonic — to its current Sony players. The Blu-ray area in many stores will include a 42-inch TV showing Blu-ray movies “to give customers a sense of what the Blu-ray experience is,” said the spokeswoman.

Also new is a GPS display with hands-on interaction with six portable GPS devices. The company said it picked up Magellan in addition to its previous selection of Garmin and TomTom brands.

Also new is an expanded selection of MP3 players and portable gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS and an expanded area for social games, such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, in 800 stores.