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Wal-Mart Bows CE Scorecard Criteria

Annapolis, Md. — Wal-Mart Stores announced the criteria it will use for a scorecard that evaluates CE suppliers on the environmental sustainability of their products. Wal-Mart will ask suppliers to fill out the scorecard beginning in 2008.

The scorecard will reportedly evaluate electronics on energy efficiency, durability, the ability to be upgraded, end-of-life solutions and the size of the package containing the product. Products will also be evaluated on their ability to use innovative materials that reduce the amount of hazardous substances, such as lead and cadmium, contained in the product.According to the company, this will results in a score that shows suppliers where improvements can be made and enables Wal-Mart to evaluate the environmental sustainability of the product.

To encourage suppliers to start implementing the scorecard criteria into their products now, Wal-Mart is co-sponsoring a design contest with the Green Electronics Council.Suppliers are encouraged to submit a consumer electronics product that puts the criteria into practice. The winner’s product will be carried in Wal-Mart stores.