Vulkano Combines TiVo, Slingbox, Roku Functions

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San Mateo, Calif. - Monsoon Multimedia said it will ship a device this August that it claims performs the functions of TiVo, Slingbox and Roku devices.

Initially introduced at International CES in January, the Vulkano is an integrated hardware and software platform that has a video processor and local storage; it will have a retail price range of $259 to $379, depending on storage capacity.

When connected to a set-top box and a TV, the Vulkano enables "a complete video experience across Android, BlackBerry, iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs and the living room TV. Vulkano allows users for the first time to experience their TV channels, videos and photos on whichever screen they want, when they want it," the company said in a statement.

 By downloading a free software application on to their device from

, or for the iPhone/iPad from the Apple App store and installing a Vulkano, consumers can watch and control any home TV channel through a wired, Wi-Fi or 3G connection from anywhere in the world, Monsoon explained.

Consumers can schedule a recording through an included electronic program guide and transfer and watch these recordings at any time on their TV, computers, smartphones or iPad-type devices. Software players for PCs/Macs and iPads also come with pause/live functions.

By using universal plug and play, Vulkano users can stream video and photos from their smartphones, computers and cameras wirelessly onto their living room TV without having to use cables.

 In the near future, Vulkano will offer free service upgrades such as Google TV, Yahoo! Widgets, Netflix, Hulu and others.

Among Vulkano's key features are:

  • Transforms smartphones, iPads, iPod touches, PCs and Macs into mobile video recorders;
  • Plays back recorded programs on smartphones, iPads, PCs and Macs -- direct record mode allows for pause, fast-forward/rewind;
  • Schedule TV recording by show, channel or date and time;
  • Browse EPG for shows and episode descriptions;
  • Watch and control live TV on the go via Wi-Fi or 3G;
  • Watch at home on iPads and computers in near HD resolution:

 * Search and watch YouTube videos on a home TV;

  • View photos, video and music on home TV from UPnP-supported devices, such as smartphones, PCs/Macs and cameras;
  • Connect to all major TV sources -- cable, DVD, satellite, DVR, TiVo;
  • Stream video at H.264 and MPEG-4 standards at rates as low as 150kbps;
  • Includes 8GB or 16GB of SD card storage or eSATA hard drives up to 1TB:
  • Connects wirelessly through Vulkano's onboard 802.11n Wi-Fi to home router;
  • TV content is passed from the set-top box's analog output (component, composite) to Vulkano, using resolutions up to 1080i.

Vulkano comes with 8GB, 16GB of SD storage and Vulkano Pro comes with 500GB or 1TB eSATA hard-disk storage.

Initially Vulkano will be sold through


, leading retailers and e-tailers, and through strategic OEMs, the company said. Vulkano will be generally available on Aug. 10 through selected e-tailers, retailers and distributors worldwide.

The 8GB Vulkano will cost $259; 16GB, $279, 500GB for $349; and the 1TB Vulkano for $379. Monsoon will release its 3G version for the recently introduced iPhone 4 in August.

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