Vudu Service Offers ‘Avatar' With Extras


Santa Clara, Calif. -


, the IPTV movie service and platform developer, announced Thursday that it is offering the blockbuster hit "Avatar" starting today along with extra content, for the first time.

Vudu will have a 28-day advance release window on the digital delivery of the film over rival streaming-video provider Netflix, the company said. The release will be concurrent with the home-video disc releases in DVD and Blu-ray.

In addition, Vudu said it is also providing extras content in standard definition -- something that not even the current discs offer.

The extra content, which will be available at no extra charge on the purchase, will include a Vudu exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the equipment that James Cameron invented to shoot "Avatar."

Vudu will make "Avatar" available for purchase in its HD and HDX high-definition formats for $25 or in standard definition for $20.

Vudu users who purchase the film will be able to play it back at any time in future from the Vudu servers in the cloud.


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