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Vudu Cuts Set-top Box Price

Santa Clara, Cailf. – Responding to announcements of the new-and-improved AppleTV product, Internet-delivered video-on-demand service Vudu said it has dropped the price on it’s set-top box by 25 percent to $295.

Customers who’ve purchased the unit for the former $399 price in the past 30 days will be eligible for a $100 movie credit by calling the company’s customer service line (888-554-VUDU), the company said.

Introduced last September, Vudu was designed to deliver a number of advantages over the original AppleTV system, including PC-free movie downloads, instant-on playback and good video quality. It also offered content from most major studios and independent film distributors.

The service also offers TV programs and some high-definition selections.



said it will soon be offering a firmware upgrade to bring many of those same benefits to the AppleTV, which was also repriced at $229 from $299 for a 40GB version and $329 from $399 for a 160GB version.