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Vudu Brings Sci-Fi Thriller To Walmart

Santa Clara, Calif. – The


streaming-video service


said Tuesday
that Walmart stores are now exclusively selling a digital movie card enabling
ownership access to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s recent box-office Sci-Fi
thriller “Battle: Los Angeles.”

The digital movie card is being made available at all Walmart
stores across the nation on the same day as the Blu-ray/DVD release.

DirecTV recently ran the film for short-release video-on-demand
window at $30.

The “Battle: Los Angeles” digital movie cards are available in
standard definition and will be sold for $14.96 in the entertainment area at
Walmart stores.

Customers purchase the card and then use the provided code to
access the movie directly from the browser on their computers or from one of
more than 300 Vudu-enabled CE devices, including HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players
and the PlayStation3.

“Digital movie cards are a great way for Walmart’s millions of
movie customers to own and watch digital movies through the Vudu service,” said
Edward Lichty, Vudu general manager. “By partnering with Sony Pictures Home
Entertainment on this exclusive, new movie card, we’re transforming a physical
purchase into a digital ownership experience, in a way that is easy for
customers to understand and access.” 

“Digital movie cards allow us to take digital transactions into
high-traffic, brick-and-mortar retail environments like Walmart, and provide a
bridge from the DVD aisle into the digital age,” added John Calkins, Sony
Pictures Home Entertainment global digital and commercial innovation executive
VP. “Our goal is not only to educate off-line consumers about the digital films
and services available to them, but also to increase the convenience of buying
and gifting digital content.”