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VTech Bows Range-Extended DECT Phones

Beaverton, Ore. — VTech’s Advanced American Telephones division will ship its new AT&T-branded cordless phones to dealers starting this month.

The lineup will include DECT, 5.8GHz digital frequency-hopping spread spectrum and 5.8GHz analog models.

AAT’s DECT phones will feature a new antenna offering a 45 percent boost to open field talk range and a 15 percent range improvement indoors vs. standard DECT phones, the company said. They will be expandable up to 12 handsets.

The $59.95 SL82118 DECT phone features an ITAD, caller ID/call waiting, handset speakerphone, handset-to-handset call transfer and any-key answer. It will be available in a two-, three-, four- or five-handset bundle for $69.95, $89.95, $109 and $129, respectively.

In 5.8GHz digital the company will offer a combination cordless system with a corded base station. The TL74208 ($89.95) offers an ITAD, caller ID, intercom and call conferencing. It will ship in October.

The TL74108, for $69.95, features an ITAD, caller ID, intercom, base speakerphone and call conferencing. It is expandable up to four handsets.

Both systems work with the $29.95 TL77008 accessory handset

The two-line TL76108 sports a corded base, speakerphone, two individual voice mailboxes, a spare battery port and a data port in the base station. It is expandable up to eight handsets and features seven-party conferencing.

It will retail for $179 and accepts the $79.95 TL76008 accessory handset.

The firm’s 5.8GHz analog models will include the $24.95 EL42108, featuring an ITAD, any-key answering and on-hook dialing. It will be available in a two-, three- or four-handset bundle for $39.95, $59.95 and $79.95, respectively.