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VSN Ships ‘1st’ 360-Degree FullHD Vid Cam

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. — Start-up VSN Mobile recently introduced what it called one of the first 360-degree cameras to produce FullHD panoramic images without digital stitching effects.

The V.360 camera is said to shoot video in 360 degrees at all times, eliminating the need to stitch images together to get a complete 360-degree view in a single image.

The company said the camera will be offered at a special presale price of $349 Oct. 15 to Nov. 15 from After that, the price will be $399.

The V.360 captures images in 6,480 by 1080 HD video resolution, at up to 30 fps. Still photos are captured at up to 8-megapixel resolution, VSN said.

The camera works with an iOS or Android companion app to view, share, save and manage videos and images.

The camera also has both Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi capability for sharing image files with other Wi-Fi devices or over the Internet.

The V.360 is said to be “certified to military standards” and carries an IP67 rating — assuring shock, vibration and dust resistance with no need for additional accessories. The camera is also water tight to a depth of 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes.

Other features include the ability to add sensory details to images using built-in GPS, barometer, accelerometer and altimeter.

VSN will make multiple mounting options available, and the device is said to be compatible with traditional camera mounts and GoPro mounts.

In a related announcement, VSN is also introducing its V.Alrt wearable panic button that pairs with a smartphone to send emergency alerts including GPS location.

The company said the V.Alrt is targeted at everyone from elderly to extreme athletes to students on campus.

The device is waterproof and carries no monthly fees.

The company is also allowing thirdparty developers to create their own apps — including remote camera shutters, remote voice recorders, etc. — for the V.Alrt, many of which are already live for Android and iOS, the company said.