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Voxx Highlights Distribution Wins

Hauppauge, N.Y. – Recent U.S. distribution wins by Voxx International include the placement of Jamo M360 series speakers in all Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater Stores, giving Jamo its first national exposure, Voxx president/CEO Patrick Lavelle said during an investors’ conference call today.

Jamo is marketed by Voxx’s Klipsch Group, whose U.S. sales rose 18 percent in the company’s second fiscal quarter ending August, primarily because of headphones, soundbars and 5.1 surround systems, Lavelle said. The group has the top-selling in-ear headphone at Apple stores, he noted. And a new in-ear line will be available for the holidays, he said.

In other distribution gains, Voxx expects to roll out its Car Connection vehicle-tracking device later in the third quarter through Sears and Pep Boys. Car Connection is a plug-in On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) device that lets consumers locate their vehicle, monitor vehicle speed, detect reckless driving habits, and determine whether a vehicle leaves a prescribed area. It also lets users monitor vehicle performance and maintenance needs.

Voxx also launched Acoustic Research wireless speakers through Home Depot and personal sound system amplifiers through 1,200 CVS locations, Lavelle said.

The company is also rolling out the Klipsch-brand SB-1 soundbar to all Best Buy locations, and a portable wireless speaker with customizable cover from Skinit will be available this quarter through Lowe’s, Best Buy and RadioShack. All three outlets have sold AR speakers in the past.

In other matters, Lavelle said:

–the company has begun shipping its Blu-ray player for in-car installation,

–he expects the aftermarket version of its in-car Dyle TV mobile DTV tuner will probably cost less than $500, excluding the other components in a rear-seat entertainment system,  when it becomes available next tear. Shipments are scheduled for next May. After that, the company can “move quickly” to bring it to its OEM automaker customers if they adopt it, Lavelle said.

— the company’s aftermarket mobile electronics business in the U.S. fell slightly in the second quarter, but sales will improve as it rolls out its location-based products and services, which include Care Connection. That’s a wearable personal tracking system with two-way voice communication for young kids and aging parents.

— and the company will limit merger and acquisitions activities in the “near term.”

He also noted that the company has undergone “a rebirth in the past few years” from an importing/distribution company to one that now gets a third of its business from products that it manufactures, including audio systems for automakers.

The conference call came after Voxx reported its fiscal second quarter results yesterday.