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Voxred Builds Its Product Line

Software publisher Voxred International will follow the earlier release of its Talking E-Mail System for Dummies with two new related products.

The first to hit retail will be the Telephone to Computer Recorder, which is expected to start shipping soon with a $24.95 suggested retail price. This application is now bundled with the Talking E-Mail title, but will be sold as a separate accessory, said Norman Docteroff, chairman/CEO. The product allows one-button recording, compression and storage of telephone calls onto a computer’s hard drive.

The device, which is also referred to as a computer logger, is based on the same compression technology as the earlier Talking E-mail System for Dummies that is now on the market with a $39.95 suggested retail price.

The second retail product slated for launch this year is a talking diary aimed at young girls. The diary is in the final stages of production and could be out in about 30 days, but pricing has not been set.

Voxred is a start-up founded and led by Docteroff, one of the founders of accessories giant Gemini Industries. The company sees its future through its proprietary sound compression technology that allows the creation of such small voice e-mail files. Docteroff said the technology could easily be transferred to other areas, such as software applications or calendars. The compression allows about 150 hours to be stored in 650MB of hard drive space, he said.

The next likely products from Voxred is a PC-based calendar that would accept verbal reminders and then tell the user what is going on each day when they turn on their computer. A release date on the calendar was not available.