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VoodooPC Unveils Liquid Cooled PC

Calgary, Alberta — With the launch of the Rage f:5 high-end gamer PC, VoodooPC has created a PC that uses liquid cooling, a technology normally found in a family’s car engine.

There are several similarities between Voodoo’s system and what is found in any car around the world. Like the antifreeze in a car radiator, the VoodooPC system uses a glycol-based solution, mixed with distilled water, a tiny pump and a radiator to cool the coolant. Dual 14dBA fans cool the radiator.

This system not only removes the primary source of noise for a PCs, but more then doubles the unit’s graphics performance, the company claimed.

Rahul Sood, VoodooPC’s president and chief technical officer, said a coolant block is placed on each of the PC’s heat generating components, such as the Nvidia nForce4 chipset, dual Nvidia video cards and the AMD Athlon FX-55 CPU.

“The system includes 4 cooling blocks, one on the CPU, one for each video card, and one for the motherboard chipset,” he said, “We guarantee the liquid not escaping the system by designing a completely sealed unit – we also provide a full warranty with the system, and we’ve been shipping liquid cooled PCs for years.”

Because of the Glycol solution the company does not have to worry about the liquid freezing during shipment.

The chassis has a clear panel on one side for a full view of all components and the cooling system.

The PCs are available from VoodooPC, a direct supplier, with a starting price of $5,500.