Vonage Partners To Secure VoIP Homes

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McLean, Va. — Internet telephony provider Vonage looked to shore-up one of VoIP’s weak spots with the announcement today of partnership with Alarm.com to provide telephone independent alarm services to Vonage’s residential customers.

Alarm.com will offer through its security dealers a security system for Vonage’s VoIP subscribers that transmits alarm signals from a customer’s home wirelessly to a central monitoring station, which can then contact local authorities in the event of an emergency.

Because most alarm systems work over traditional telephone lines, many VoIP subscribers with alarms were forced to retain a landline service, carrying two bills.

Alarm.com dealers will also sell Vonage’s telephone service in a “TomorrowTech” package which will advertise that the cost savings of switching to IP telephony will “often cover the cost of security monitoring,” the companies said.


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