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Vonage Lands at 6th Avenue Electronics

Edison, N.J. — Vonage announced today that 6th Avenue Electronics would distribute its VoIP retail starter kit.

Vonage is offering voice gateways with a Motorola router for $60, along with a $50 rebate that is available after the service has been active for 60 days. Vonage said it would ship other VoIP products to 6th Avenue in the future.

In a statement announcing the deal, 6th Avenue’s president Mike Temiz noted that the decision to resell VoIP service was an effort to capitalize on the growth of home networks.

“Currently, 6th Avenue Electronics offers networked products, which allow our customers to wirelessly stream music and video throughout their home. Vonage is just the kind of service that will allow our customers to experience the added value of having a broadband connection in the home,” Temiz said.

Vonage’s retail footprint now encompasses several regional and national chains, including Sam’s Club, RadioShack, Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, Fry’s Electronics, Office Depot and CompUSA.