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Vonage Introduces New Pro Service

Holmdel, N.J. — Vonage introduced a new voice service aimed at small businesses and advanced consumers.

Vonage Pro uses new Vonage Companion softphone software to enable users to place calls from an Internet-connected laptop using their home Vonage number. Incoming calls will ring both the home Vonage line and the Companion softphone simultaneously.

The service supports selective call block, conference calling, personal ringtones and call recording.

The Pro service will include unlimited domestic calling and 25 directory-assistance (411) calls per month. Vonage Pro will also include 25 visual voice mails per month, a service that will automatically transcribe a voicemail message into a text email or SMS message. The companion will automatically sync with Vonage’s contact-center address book.

Vonage will charge $34.99/month for new Pro customers, who can choose from one of three access devices — the V Phone, Vonage’s V-Portal adapter or Motorola’s VT2142RB router.

Existing subscribers to the company’s Premium Unlimited Plan can add Pro for an extra $10/month.