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Volvo Offers Garmin Nuvi

Olathe, Kans. —Volvo will deliver the Gamin Nuvi 760 portable GPS as a custom option in select Volvo cars, the company said.

Volvo will offer a kit that includes the Nuvi 760, Garmin’s latest personal navigation device (PND), and a smart-mounting bracket that mounts on the top of the dashboard. The bracket matches the car interior and eliminates the need for exposed power cables.

The Nuvi 760 will be offered on the Volvo C30 and XC70 as well as select earlier Volvo models starting in early December.

The retail version of the 760 has a suggested price of $799. It has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, slim form factor with real-time traffic and Bluetooth and a new “Where’s my car?” feature as well as an emergency feature that displays the nearest hospital, police and gas stations, intersection and vehicle’s current longitude and latitude at the touch of a button.

Several European car companies offer Garmin PNDs as car options including Honda, Saab and Ford. Also Mopar offers a custom version of the outdoor GPS Garmin Quest on a Jeep Wrangler.