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Vogel’s Expands LCD, Plasma Mount Series

Mounting solutions maker Vogel’s has rounded out its Evolution series of universal LCD mounts with an entry-level LCD mounting system called EFW 1000.

Promoted as a “quality, easy-to-use LCD mount with style and affordability,” the product features a tilting system, which allows the user to adjust the LCD screen plus/minus 10 degrees. The unit delivers sleek, reliable construction, and is made of aluminum with a stylish finish. Consumers can personalize the mount with design customization, using Vogel’s design strips, made to match a variety of interior settings.

The mount can support LCD screens ranging in size from 10 inches to 24 inches and weighing up to 33 pounds. Suggested retail is $49.99, and the unit is available.

Another addition to the Evolution line is Vogel’s EFW 2010 Universal Plasma Support, called the flagship of the company’s plasma-mount category. The unit combines all adjustment possibilities, such as flat against the wall, swiveling and tilting. It allows for full 180-degree rotation at the base, plus a 90-degree swivel rotation and a 15-degree tilt feature at the plasma screen itself, providing the ultimate in viewing flexibility.

The universal design provides a seamless, easy-to-use support system for virtually all 40-inch to 65-inch plasma screens weighing up to 154 pounds. Unique to the EFW 2010 is the “smooth tilt” mechanism that utilizes dual-gas springs, allowing the consumer to easily adjust the screen angle by pushing on the top or bottom of the plasma TV. Suggested retail is $449.99, and the product is available.

Vogel’s has extended its Power Arm line of universal LCD mounts with two affordable, easy-to-use systems called the VFW130 and the VFW030.

The VFW130 features a four-position tilting system, allowing consumers to enjoy optimal viewing from a variety of angles. It also provides wall and screen mounting, and is capable of supporting screens ranging in size from 10 inches to 30 inches and weighing up to 66 pounds. Suggested retail is $49.95, and the mount was scheduled for early summer availability.

The VFW030 shares the same sturdy build, screen size, weight compatibility and universal functionality as the VFW130. The key differentiation is the VFW030 does not offer a tilting position system. It’s a fixed-position system, said to be perfect for the consumer looking for an uncomplicated quality mounting system. Suggested retail is $39.99, and availability had been scheduled for earlier this summer.