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Vizio Ships Plasma, LCD TV Lines

Irvine, Calif. — Vizio said it will ship next month 1080p LCD and plasma TVs in its XVT model series, which offers expanded features and extended performance with aggressive pricing.

The first three models in the series include the 42-inch SV420XVT and 47-inch SV47XVT LCD HDTVs featuring 120Hz processing and the 50-inch VP505XVT plasma HDTV, with full 1,920 by 1080p resolution and Silicon Optix’s highly rated HQV video processing circuitry.

The full HD 1080p TVs feature Vizio’s industrial designs highlighted by thin, piano-black bezels.

“Full 1080p resolution has certainly come of age, especially as lower-cost, next-generation HD disc players and games make their way into the warehouse and department store channels,” stated Laynie Newsome, Vizio sales VP. “The XVT series is just one example of the best-of-breed products Vizio offers as we continue to create the widest selection of HDTVs with state-of-the art performance and features.”

The SV470XVT and SV420XVT both include 120Hz “Smooth Motion” frame-rate technology and full HD 1080p resolution. The refresh rates of 120Hz technology is said to be twice the speed of conventional 60Hz LCDs and eliminate motion blur from fast action movies and video games.

Contrast ratios are listed at 6,500:1, and the sets include picture presets for different content such as movies, sports and TV.

The SV470LF and SV420LF use SRS Labs’ TruSurround XT audio processing for premium virtual surround and they are also compatible with the Vizio SV5.1 upgrade kit that adds 5.1 surround sound functionality with the inclusion of rear channel speakers and a wireless subwoofer.

Both include the new brushed-aluminum-trimmed VUR8 Universal Learning Remote with picture-in-picture keys, designed to control an entire A/V system.

Each model provides side access HD Game ports with two HDMI v1.3 inputs for fast connections of game consoles, camcorders and other portable sources, in addition to two HDMI ports on the rear panel.

Vizio said the sets will be distributed through CE retailers, including Circuit City and Sears, and warehouse club retailers, including Costco and Sam’s Club.

The 50-inch VP505XVT 1080p plasma set with is said to offer deeper black levels and color performance, without the smearing of motion images found in conventional LCDs.

The Silicon Optix’s REON HQV processing enhances picture details in both SD and HD content.

The contrast ratio is said to be 30,000:1 and the panel life is rated at 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours until half of its original brightness.

It also uses SRS Labs’ TruSurround XT audio processing and is compatible with the Vizio SV5.1 Upgrade Kit that adds 5.1 surround sound functionality with the inclusion of rear channel speakers and a wireless subwoofer.

The VP505XVT includes a Brandy Wine-colored speaker grille, a side access HD Game port with two HDMI v1.3 inputs and two rear HDMI ports.

The VP505XVT will ship in July to XVT dealers at a $1,699 suggested retail.

The company also recently began shipping to Wal-Mart a pair of aggressively priced 720p plasma models — the 42-inch VP422 ($799) and 32-inch VP322 ($599).

Both models are said to offer a contrast ratio of 30,000:1, generate deep black levels, expanded color and avoid the motion artifact limitations of many LCD TVs, making them well-suited to sports enthusiasts, Vizio said.

The screen sizes and price points are positioned to compete strongly against similarly sized LCD TVs, while offering Vizio ample supply levels in two of the industry’s hottest screen sizes.

Both models are said to scale HD and SD signals to 720p format for display. Features include enhanced picture controls, multiple color temperature settings and independent RGB adjustment to optimize video performance to any source.

Component video, RGB PC and three HDMI (one side-panel HD Game port) inputs for connecting high-definition sources directly to the TV accompany standard-definition inputs, along with an ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuner.

Vizio said the VP322 and VP422 offer the latest-generation glass, providing increased brightness levels for viewing in high ambient-light conditions and a 60,000-hour to half-life panel expectation, enabling. Now more consumers can enjoy the videophile-quality of plasma HDTVs in their homes with the VP322 ($599) and VP422 ($799).