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Vizio To Run New Ads During Olympics

Irvine, Calif. — Vizio said it is launching a new media campaign tied to its HD Sponsorship of NBC’s 2008 Olympic Games broadcast.

The campaign will highlight Vizio’s continued value proposition in new products that “rival or outperform their competitors’ premium lines,” the company said.

“The NBC Olympic relationship presents a unique opportunity to introduce Vizio’s new XVT line to a massive audience of mainstream consumers tuning into the Olympics,” stated Jason Maciel, Vizio marketing director. “We’re excited and honored to showcase Vizio in conjunction with the world’s most historic and highly anticipated global sports event.”

The first ad, entitled “Splash,” will debut during NBC’s Opening Ceremony coverage on Aug. 8. It features a U.S. diver performing a rigorous dive delivered by Vizio’s full HD 1080p, 120Hz Smooth Motion video technology included in new XVT series LCD TV models.

“We are proud to deliver our new XVT line of products to attack the misperception that advanced technology and performance cannot be reasonably priced,” Laynie Newsome, Vizio sales and marketing VP, said in a statement on the campaign. “We, unlike our competitors, are going against the industry trend of over charging consumers for high-performance technology.”

Vizio’s new XVT series of HDTVs are now shipping to such national retailers as Costco Wholesale, Sears, Sam’s Club and Circuit City.