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Vizio Opens S. Dakota Call Center

North Sioux City, S.D. — Vizio officially opened its new sales and marketing center here Thursday.
Vizio said the facility, which was made necessary by the company’s rapidly growing sales volume, will serve as a call center focusing on products and services offered through the Web site.

“We are very excited about opening this new facility, which will allow us to maintain the industry’s highest levels

of customer service,” stated William Wang, Vizio founder and CEO. “The city and state have been very supportive and generous, and we are very grateful to both Governor Rounds for the incentives and training grants that he has provided, and to Mayor Fuxa for the local facilities support and the coordination he has provided with the governor’s office.”

Attending the grand-opening ceremony were: South Dakota Governor Michael Rounds; North Sioux City Mayor Don Fuxa; key Vizio executives, including Wang; and Vizio investor and former Gateway CEO Ted Waitt.