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Vizio Adds Hulu Plus To VIA

Irvine, Calif. –
Joining the Hulu Plus bandwagon today was Vizio, which announced the addition
of the service to its Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) platform.

 “We’re very excited about this partnership
with Hulu Plus,” said Laynie Newsome, Vizio co-founder and chief sales officer,
in a statement. “It will provide Vizio customers with the freedom to watch what
they want, when they want, directly from the Internet on their Vizio Internet
Apps HDTVs.”

“We designed VIA
to complement the HDTV viewing experience and made a conscious decision to
drive some very advanced technology into the TV in order to make the transition
for consumers as effortless as possible,” said Matthew McRae, Vizio chief
technology officer.

Hulu Plus joins
such other VIA apps as Amazon Video On Demand, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Twitter,
Vudu, NBA Game Time and Yahoo! TV Widgets.

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