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Vivienne Tam, HP Partner On Notebook

Hewlett-Packard and fashion designer Vivienne Tam provided a glimpse of a special-edition notebook they’ve partnered to create, during a fashion show of Tam’s Spring 2009 collection during New York’s Fashion Week last Tuesday in Bryant Park.

Models held the device as they walked the runway wearing Tam’s garments.

Tam worked with HP to design the product along with the accessories and packaging. It is expected to be available early next year.

The notebook is red and features peony flowers on top and inside the notebook, under the keypad. The device will come with complimentary embroidered storage sleeve; the company has dubbed the device a “digital clutch.”

HP would not release any additional specific technical information. An HP spokesman told TWICE the actual specifications would be announced close to the product’s launch date.

Though the dimension specifics are secret, observers at the show could estimate that the device would fall into the same form-factor class as devices such as Dell’s Mini 9 or Asus’ Eee PC. At least in terms of portability, based on the way models were able to carry the device down the runway in one hand as if it were a purse.

Whether the device will be a fair competitor for those products in terms of capabilities, features or pricing cannot yet be determined because, as indicated, HP would not provide any of that information.