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Visant: PNDs To Chart 39 Percent Growth To 2011

Kings Park, N.Y. — Portable navigation units (PNDs) will steadily grow through 2011 at a rate of 39 percent compound average annual growth, according to Visant Strategies.

Growth of PNDs will not be severely impacted by GPS cellular phones because the use of navigation overall is expanding and because it is “habit forming,” said Larry Swasey, Visant senior analyst.

“If you have a PND, you use it and you get used to it,” said Swasey, adding, “I think wireless will stay ahead in push technology. It may have the sexier approach, where PNDs will be more basic.”

Wireless phones will be quicker to allow “pushed” advertising, where an alert might tell you of a new club opening down the block or a new restaurant, he said.This form of GPS might be more popular with young people, he added.

Portable navigation device shipments in the United States will increase to 2.7 million units in 2007, up from 2 million last year. Shipments will climb steadily to 5.7 million units in 2011. Worldwide shipments of GPS phones, defined as any cellular phones with a GPS chip in them, will increase at 42 percent compound average annual growth through 2011.

Shipments of GPS phones this year will double 2006 levels, to 126.6 million, and will increase steadily to 414.6 million in 2011, Visant said.

U.S. Portable Navigation Shipments


Year      Portable Navigation Unit Shipments (millions)

2005                   0.8

2006                   1.3

2007                   2.0

2008                   2.7

2009                   3.5

2010                   4.4

2011                   5.7

CAAG  39%

Source: Visant Strategies