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Viking Adds Refrigerator Line And Dual-Fuel Ranges – -November 13, 1996

Viking, known for its ultra-premium professional kitchen products, is expanding its line to include refrigerators and two new sizes of dual-fuel ranges.

Available in 36-, 42- and 48-inch sizes, the new commercial-type stainless steel side-by-side refrigerators are also offered in all of the colors and brass trim options currently offered by Greenwood, Miss.-based Viking.

The refrigeration line also includes a 24-inch wine cooler and an 18-inch ice machine. Both can be freestanding or used under the counter.

3The addition of refrigeration to the product line makes Viking the only manufacturer to offer a complete line of ultra-premium professional-style kitchen appliances for the home,2 says Dave Becker, director of marketing.

Like the ranges, the new refrigerators feature commercial construction as well as the commercial look, says Viking marketing home economist Jane Crump. 3For example, they have solid stainless steel doors, not just panels,2 she points out.

Other premium features include: an electronic temperature control system to maintain constant, accurate interior temperatures; two full-width, humidity-adjustable, see-through product drawers; and a Meat Savor compartment to provide optimum storage for fresh meat.

The new refrigerators are scheduled to be available in December at suggested retail prices ranging from $4,400 to $5,800, depending on the size and color/trim options. The new wine cooler and ice machine ship in January at suggested retail prices of $1,250 and $1,350, respectively.

In cooking, Viking is adding 36- and 48-inch dual-fuel models to its line, joining the 30-inch model introduced a few months ago. 3All of the ovens in the dual-fuel line are self-cleaning,2 says Crump.

The larger oven in the 48-inch model and the 36-inch oven both offer standard electric as well as convection cooking, with a total of eight options: conventional bake, convection bake, maxi conventional broil, mini conventional broil, convection broil, convection cook, self-cleaning and defrosting. The smaller oven in the 48-inch model features a separate element for bread proofing.

The new ranges also offer a variety of surface burner configurations and options, including all burners, a steel plate griddle, a gas char-grill, or V grates that connect to form a continuous all-burner surface.

Like Viking1s gas ranges, the new dual-fuel line will be available in all of the colors and brass trim options, says Crump. Colors include black, white, almond, stainless steel, Viking blue, forest green, burgundy, plum and teal D and optional brass trim on all finishes. 3With the trim, there are a total of 18 choices,2 she adds.

The suggested retail price for the new 36-inch dual-fuel ranges start at $4,675 and go up to $5,775, depending on surface and color/trim options. For the 48-inch model, they range from $6,725 to $7,950.

The arrival of dual-fuel at Viking doesn1t mean the end of the all-gas ranges, Crump notes. 3We will continue with four sizes of all-gas models [30, 36, 48 and 60 inches], and it will continue to be our flagship product line. The new dual-fuel line will reach a new market for us.2

In addition, she adds, stainless steel accounts for the majority of the company1s sales (75% to 80%), but the colors are an important option.

All of the Viking products will be featured at the upcoming Builders1 Show.