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ViewSonic Adds TruSurround XT To Select LCD TVs

Santa Ana, Calif. – ViewSonic will incorporate SRS Labs TruSurround XT system in all new 2009 16-inch and 24-inch flat-panel LCD HDTV models starting in the third quarter.

“ViewSonic’s SRS-equipped LCD HDTVs will provide a uniquely powerful premium multimedia experience, while eliminating the hassles associated with wiring and setup of external speakers,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, SRS Labs marketing VP.

The TruSurround XT solution processes multichannel content to create a surround-sound effect over standard stereo speakers built into a TV set.

The system produces “phantom” speakers that seem to extend all around them to produce a surround-sound experience, including bass and clear definition – all without the clutter of extra wires or speakers placed around the room.

When receiving mono or stereo content, SRS TruSurround XT creates an immersive 3-D wall of sound that moves well past the physical width of the TV. Dialog quality is also improved as this technology lifts the spoken word above the chaos of sound effects and background music so that it’s clear and distinct.

“SRS TruSurround XT allows us to blend the stunning picture quality of our award-winning LCD HDTV lineup with the natural, high-quality SRS audio, and reward our users with a complete multimedia experience,” said Gene Ornstead, DTV, ViewSonic business development director. “We are excited about working with SRS Labs and look forward to integrating their innovative sound solutions in more ViewSonic products across the board.”

Starting in the third quarter of 2009 all ViewSonic 16-inch and 24-inch flat-panel LCD HDTVs will be equipped with SRS TruSurround XT, while additional models are expected to be announced throughout 2009.

SRS Labs said it is running a sweepstakes that will give away three ViewSonic HDTVs featuring SRS TruSurround XT. The sweepstakes will take place through Aug. 17.