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Vidikron Sets 4 1,080p Projectors

Vidikron will use CEDIA Expo to launch four new 1,080p DLP front projectors.

New models will all be part of the Vision Series and will include two single-chip DLP models — Vision 70 and Vision 85 — and two 3-chip versions in the Vision 110 and Vision 120.

Each new projector (as well as their 720p predecessors) will be available with the CineWide and CineWide with AutoScope technology options. The new lens options enable CinemaScope 2.35:1 (or similar supersize format) source material to be displayed full screen on home theater screens, using widescreen 1,080p projectors through a combination of software, electronics and motorized anamorphic optics.

CineWide technology eliminates the distracting black bars; utilizing every inch of the screen while maintaining superior image quality.

Exact pricing was being finalized days prior to the show, but the Vision 70 was expected to sell for around $10,995, with Vision 70 CineWide (CW) and Vision 70 CineWide with Auto Scope (CWAS) lens versions expected to sell for around $13,995 and $22,995, respectively.

The company’s Vision 85 is expected to sell for around $16,995, while the Vision 85 CW version is believed to be selling for around $19,995.

The company’s three-chip 1,080p DLP models include the Vision 110, which is expected to sell for around $39,995, with CW and CWAS versions expected to arrive at suggested retails of $45,995 and $52,990, respectively.

The Vision 120 expected to be priced at around $49,995, with CW and CWAS versions expected to be selling for $55,995 and $62,990, respectively.

Meanwhile, Vidikron’s Vision model 30 and 50 projectors will also now feature CineWide with AutoScope technology.