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Video Site Supports PMPs

San Francisco — GUBA, a Web site that let consumers share videos, has begun to offer movies and TV shows that can be ported to portable media players equipped to play protected WMV content.

More than 200 Warner movies can be downloaded for purchase or rental to a PC. Warner TV episodes are available only for sale. Purchased TV shows and movies content can be ported to a PMP. For purchase, catalog films will cost $9.99, and new releases at $19.99 will be available day and date with DVD releases. TV episodes start at $1.79. Movie rentals are $1.99 per movie for unlimited viewing only on a PC in a 24-hour period.

The site license allows for transfers of purchased content only to a single portable device that supports WMA DRM 9.0 and up.

The site is working on porting rented titles to PMPs.