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Video & Audio Center, Sony To Hold Ultra TV, Tablet Event

Santa Monica, Calif. – Video & Audio Center is continuing to push Ultra HDTV (a.k.a. 4K) events, this time with Sony Electronics.

Sony will demonstrate its TVs and its Xperia Tablet Z, at an event, here, Thursday, May 23, that will also highlight the retailer’s own local job fair and an announcement on new store openings.

Currently Video & Audio Center has three locations.

The event will be held at the store on 1426 Wilshire Blvd. on Thursday, May 23 from 5 to 8 p.m. The TVs and tablet will go on sale at 5:30 pm.

During the event Sony executives and Video & Audio Center staff will demonstrate the 55-inch ($4,999) and 65-inch ($6,999) Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TVs, which provide 8 million pixels, along with the Xperia Tablet Z.

The retailer describes the new tablet as “the world’s thinnest tablet with the most detailed HD picture available … that works as a set controller and conduit to wirelessly transfer content from the HD tablet to 4K Ultra HDTV screens.”

Sony and Video & Audio Center representatives will also discuss the current HDTV market, the future of smart sets and second screens and what this will mean for the Southern California economy and job market, the retailer said.

In a statement Joseph Akhtarzad, co-owner of Video & Audio Center, said, “The advent of the new Sony Xperia Tablet Z with Sony’s most incredible new 4K Ultra HDTVs at Video & Audio Center marks another milestone for us and Sony.”