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Video & Audio Center, Sony Hold Ultra High-Definition TV Event

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – Video & Audio Center held another special Ultra High-Definition TV event, this time for Sony, which also highlighted the second- screen capabilities of its mobile products.

At its store, here, Video & Audio Center offered for sale the Sony 84-inch Ultra HD TV (retailing for $25,000), its 65-inch Ultra HD TV ($6,998) and a 55-inch unit ($4,998) at a special demo on May 23 by Sony executives.

Video & Audio Center is striving to identify itself with Ultra HD – or 4K TVs – and held similar events in recent weeks with LG Electronics and Samsung.

Sony also showed its Xperia Tablet Z, the Android-based tablet, which works with the new Ultra HD sets and enables you to watch tablet content on the big screen and the Xperia ZR smartphone, demonstrating its second-screen capabilities with the new TVs, according to Tom Campbell, corporate director of Video & Audio Center.

Campbell said that the store “was packed” during the event, in which 28 Sony Ultra HD TVs were sold.

Video & Audio Center also hinted at some news of its own during the event, introducing 10 new employees with the chain. Campbell reported that the retailer will soon “open new stores” in the Southern California area, but no details as to when or where were provided. It currently has three locations.