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Vialta Intros TV Videophone Device

Fremont, Calif. – Building off of its Beamer Videophone platform launched at CES last year, Vialta has announced a new product that lets consumers make video calls using their home phones and televisions.

The Beamer TV Videophone allows users to simultaneously speak with someone over their phone and view them on the TV (the other caller must also have a Beamer TV Videophone). It works with any analog home phone and television (with RCA jacks) to add live, color motion video to phone calls.

Users plug their home phone into the Beamer TV and plug Beamer TV into their television’s RCA video jack.

Beamer TV has three viewing options. The ‘Self view’ mode allows callers to view themselves, the ‘Other Party view’ shows the person the caller is speaking to, and the ‘Combo view’ displays both parties on the call. The set-top unit features an adjustable tilt camera with sliding cover and a remote control that nests in a recessed compartment

The Beamer TV Videophone will at the end of the month for a suggested retail price $149.99 (for one unit).

There are no service fees, contracts, or subscriptions and there is no additional cost to the phone call when using the Videophone. The Beamer TV is also compatible with the standalone Beamer.