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Verizon Wireless Enters Home Broadband

Basking Ridge,
N.J. – Verizon Wireless is getting into the residential broadband market with
the nationwide launch of a 4G LTE broadband router and antenna, which is
mounted on a home’s exterior.

The service,


, is targeted to consumers looking for alternatives to their
current service, particularly in areas with limited broadband choices, the
carrier said.

Needed equipment,
which costs $199 with included installation, consists of a 4G-equipped Wi-Fi
router and an exterior cylinder-shaped antenna attached to a house. The antenna
features multiple internal antennae to pick up the best LTE signal. The antenna
in turn connects to the router, which connects to up to four Ethernet-connected
devices and to at least 20 Wi-Fi devices in the home.

Average downlink data
rates range from 5-12Mbps, and the uplink average is 2-5Mbps.

Service costs $60/month
for 10 GB of data, $90/month for 20GB, or $120/month for 30 GB, with additional
data usage costing $10 per 1GB.

The service and
equipment will be available through Verizon Wireless stores as well as select
authorized agents, a spokesperson said.

Broadband had been available in six markets since March.

Verizon’s LTE service
is available in 230 markets reaching more than two-thirds of the U.S. population.